Chase the Ace Ticket

Chase the Ace Ticket

Ticket to enter the Split Rock Country Club Chase the Ace of Spades fundraiser. The name and cell phone you enter in the Shipping Address will be the name and phone number assigned to the ticket you purchase and therefore will be the winner if drawn.

  • Game Rules

    Purchasing Tickets

    • Tickets are $5 each and you can purchase as many as you want.
    • Tickets go on sale immediately after each week’s drawing is complete and end at 8 PM Wednesdays.
    • Tickets can be purchased via Venmo, via credit card or PayPal on our website, or via cash in person at Burgers Place, Myran’s Refuge Grub & Pub or the 1922 Pub & Grub. Tickets will also be sold at the drawing venue up until 8:45 PM.
      • Any type of “like” or thumbs up you get back from us on Venmo will be confirmation that we received your payment and you’re in the drawing for that week.
    • You will not receive any type of receipt for your payment on Venmo or in person sales.
    • You must include your phone number, envelope selection and name with each ticket purchase.
    • Tickets are good for the next drawing ONLY. 
    • Even if you pay early in the week, we may not get your tickets filled out until Wednesday.  If you have not received acknowledgement of your Venmo payment by Wednesday at 8 PM then please contact us to verify.
    • We will NOT send pictures of your ticket after they’re filled out.
    • Must be a United States citizen and be at least 18 years old to play.

    Deck of Cards

    • We are using a 54-card deck with the two jokers included.
    • The cards are sealed in numbered envelopes and fastened to a display board.
    • Once a card has been picked it is NOT returned to the deck. 


    • Drawings are held live at 9 PM each Wednesday and can be viewed in person or by watching it live on our Facebook page. The schedule of drawing locations can be found on our website and Facebook.
    • The person drawing the ticket each week will be randomly selected.
    • A single ticket is drawn to determine our weekly winner.
    • If your ticket is drawn, you automatically win 10% of the weekly ticket sales. In addition, if you draw a Joker, you win $100. We also then draw your selected envelope from the board for you.
    • The starting pot contains $1,000 + the first week of sales.
    • If you draw the Ace of Spades, you split the total pot 50/50 with Split Rock Country Club.
    • You need not be present to win.
    • If you can’t be present to draw your card and an envelope number is not included with your payment, we will automatically select the lowest numbered envelope available.
    • Prize money will be sent AFTER we have obtained the necessary tax information.
    • The game ends once the Ace of Spades is drawn. If the Ace of Spades is not drawn, the game continues until someone draws the Ace of Spades.

    Please know that our Split Rock Country Club Board members are volunteers with full-time jobs and families, so please be patient with us if we are unable to immediately answer questions or if we make a mistake. If you notice a mistake, please reach out to us and we will fix it the best we can.

    Proceeds from this fundraiser will be put toward upgrades and maintenance of the golf course and clubhouse.